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San Diego

So way back before school started, man that feels like ages ago. But back in September on the 21st I went to San Diego. Not to go to Sea World or even the beach there but to simply help out the A2F church plant in San Diego. Now normally if someone told you hey on your last summer day before school starts do you want to wake up really early and be involved in really getting down and dirty. So do you want to come, normally people would look at you like you are crazy and say no. But I gladly volunteered to go and help out another fellowship group because I wanted to help do God’s work in anyway I can. And man am I ever glad that I had the opportunity to go.

In the start of the year every A2F fellowship group has a Welcome Back Night where they play worship songs, have a skit and a short message. Then we they serve free food and have a game time. So you can kinda get to know other people there and bond with them. I went to one last year and that really helped me realize I wanted to be apart of this group. Well this year I actually got to see the tons of work that is done behind the scenes. 

When we all got to San Diego we were immediately put to work. They were serving Korean BBQ and they had marinated the beef before they had frozen it. So the day before they put it out to defrost but then put it in tubs of water. Mind you they put it in huge bags so not all of it was defrosted because they had more than 250 pounds of beef. So we all jumped in and started helping separating the meat. then I helped with string the balloons, then helped with prepping the food. Because there had to be 500 plates. So basically it was a long day of working.

I then had the chance to view the skit and man the place was packed. Then I rushed over to help still put the food together and then everyone started coming over early then we expected. SO we were all rushing to put everything together since there was a last minute change in plans. But we ended up finishing and I got to have some conversations with a few of the students there.

But overall it was such a great experience to see all the people there. and to actually see how some people looked liked they were really taking to this group. So it made me think that all the work that I did was worth it. Plus all the people apart of A2F at San Diego were so appreciative. Like they were so glad and were saying that a lot of stuff could not have been done without us. They even fed us for lunch which I was not expecting plus they gave us some boba at the end to do a little recap.

At the night recap it really helped me realize the amazing ways God works. I mean even the tiny things like the meat incident was easily solved by us helping out taking apart the frozen meat. Also with the food, I mean looking back I can’t believe we were able to serve everyone so quickly and with such teamwork. But I know the glory belongs all to God. Because he took care of all the problems that came up. And it really made me thankful to him that i was allowed to be apart of such an  amazing community I have with A2F.

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